Rhapsody #109 – Entropy and Disorder

Recently I wonder why don’t more of us,
Just spend our days crying?
I’m just so tired of being outraged,
But the things people do to each other.
It’s enough to really make you question: What is it all for?

I’m tired, and tired of being tired.
But what right do I have to complain?

The very essence of life is survive,
And there are some strong people out there,
Who have been at the receiving end of senseless cruelty,
That toughness might not look like much to you,
But even if they took the time
To stand on this Earth just a little it longer
There’s more toughness in them than you know.

And people have the gall to criticize safe spaces,
You can’t really know what another person’s been through,
Yeah you may be tougher, but so what,
Life isn’t all about toughness,
Toughness is just the cost of life,
It ain’t none of the flavor.
And everybody…I mean everybody has their safe spaces
Just for some people their safe space in their head,
That black and white world,
Full of a few simple rules that will keep them alive,
Those rules are the fiction they cling to,
Just to feel safe and rail angrily at everybody,
Simply because they recognize it’s all been made up.

Word to the wise,
None of us are safe.

The only real rules are in physics,
And it’s like a chess board.
Not that we know where all the pieces go yet,
But the set up looks ordered and tidy,
But the universe isn’t the set up, it’s the game.
And there are more possible moves in a game of chess,
Than there are electrons in the universe,
And somehow the universe has chess in it.

One thing makes me feel better and also worries me,
Is that from the perspective of the universe we are all idiots
The universe is behaving exactly as it should
We are too,
The problem is the universe is far more complex,
I mean we’re pretty complex and the universe has us,
We definitely don’t have the universe,
We’re just life, and life’s only purpose is to keep life going,
And there’s nothing wrong with that,
But sometimes I wish we could all understand the universe a bit better

You may think now that this should all come back to a single unifying point,
So that the strands of what I said could clump together,
Maybe a hammer that swings down and crushes life.
But that’s not this universe.
The last time we were one thing,
The last time we were all the same,
Somewhere in the neighborhood of 14 billion years
We were hurled off into space and change began
Branching into smaller and smaller strands,
Moment by moment,
And we’re all unique and we’re all beautiful
We’re all sort of freaks of nature,
And that’s how we’re all equal
And maybe accepting and loving that thought,
Is all we can really hope for.

And then I ask myself,
Is all this self-indulgent pondering of the grandeur of the universe,
Just a way to make myself feel better?
Maybe it keeps me strong to take on the world,
Maybe it just lulls me into inaction,
Maybe I shouldn’t feel so bad for a moment of calm,
I’m only human.


9 thoughts on “Rhapsody #109 – Entropy and Disorder

  1. Love that last paragraph too. I immediately thought of this song ‘I’m Only Human’ which goes well with the piece I think. The video is an interesting one, it reminds me of the famous Godley and Creme one ‘Cry’ one the best early videos made and just as good today.

    – Esme enjoying Swarns pondering upon the Cloud

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    1. Thank you Esme! And amazingly fitting song and yes a great video, definitely reminiscent of Godley and Creme there. It should be no surprise that the Godley and Creme is a source of mutual appreciate. Still one of my favorites from the 80s. One hit wonders can be gems!

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  2. You mention safe spaces and say, rightly, that those spaces are in our heads (multiple meanings there). As a retired teacher I recall being required to create a “safe learning environment.” This was not a “safe space.” We were not talking about being able to handle suicide bombers or anarchists bombs or mass shootings, that kind of safe, what we were to do is create a mental space in which students felt comfortable sharing what they thought and felt, without being attacked unfairly by their class mates or professors. This promoted people being able to air out their thinking so that they could see whether it holds up.

    Many of these concepts have been distorted to the point that Steve Martin’s music video is now being described as racist. (The racism claim wasn’t expected, I was expecting cultural appropriation.) I suspect reality will eventually smack down this nonsense, but you never know.

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    1. Thanks Steve. I agree. I think being honest with what you are feeling and thinking is extremely important. I think that is a much better “safe space”. But I was more addressing the kind of triggers that people have as a result of trauma. It is also helpful in certain situations to just have a space where you can feel safe. It shouldn’t be a crutch, but sometimes we all need a break from the anxiety that trauma can induce. But I think all of us attempt to try and be safe. Some ways are healthier than others.

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  3. With a background and experience in clinical Psych/A&D therapy Swarn, for myself included during any and all of my own personal traumas, the healthy AND unhealthy reactions are typically centered around “control.” Trying to find some sort of control over life, those around us, and sometimes over ourselves.

    It’s funny that in the end and during MY own searches for regaining control of circumstances directly effecting me, I eventually reached the conclusion and realization — with the help of others and sound science — that I can NEVER completely control anything outside of my mind and body! And even THAT conclusion is somewhat erroneous. On a biological cellular level, I could be struck by some terminal disease, cancer, or tumor and STILL not have full control of the circumstance, duration, or outcome. HAH! Once I came to that realization, then I was free to live life more fully, as best I could and for others. 🙂 ❤

    This was a provocative, stimulating post Swarn. Thank you.

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