My lonely views on politics in this country (written Jan. 31, 2012)

Republicans:  I agree the national debt needs to be decreased and that government spending is high, and the answer to fiscal responsibility is not always in raising taxes.  I would love someone to come into the government and truly make things run more efficiently.  However there are some things that cannot win me over.  You cannot just cut government spending indiscriminately without evaluating the worth of that program.  You cannot make religious beliefs part of government policy.  You cannot tell me that a woman does not have the right to choose what to do to her body. You cannot tell me that sexual orientation disqualifies a person from civil rights that everybody else enjoys.  You cannot tell me that all people are poor because they are lazy.  You cannot tell me that the government is pure evil for wanting taxes and yet corporations have our best interest at heart.  You cannot tell me to ignore scientific evidence or tell me that education is of diminished value and that teachers don’t deserve the pay they have.  You cannot tell me that the death penalty is humane and lowers the rate of violent crime, when numerous developed countries that don’t have the death penalty have much lower rates of murders.

Democrats:  You cannot whine about the world being against you.  You had the majority for 2 years and you failed to take a stand on important issues that you claimed you believed in like closing Guantanamo, and tougher stands on climate change.  You need to have definitive plans of action, and you need to act on them.  You need to make government programs run better and more efficiently before you start adding a whole bunch of new ones.  You need to make me believe that you have convictions about what you say you believe in, over worrying about losing your job.  Show some backbone.

Both:  You cannot spin statistics about the economy, jobs or welfare to make it look like one party’s fault.  This insults my intelligence, and if you’re intelligent enough to know what you are doing, then shame on you.  You should be teaching instead of deceiving.

People:  There are real problems in this country.  If you had plenty of jobs and opportunities as you did in America’s past, perhaps many other issues would fall by the wayside.  There are greedy politicians and corruption in government, as there are in big business and corporations.  No side is completely innocent and it is our job to not just believe what they feed us.  Get smarter and learn how to understand the information that is out there.  Many of you, poor or wealthy do work hard: continue to do so.  There is value in it, regardless about whether it feels like it’s paying off.  You gain self-respect by doing as much as you can to better yourself and survive on your own.  When you can, help those in need (time or money), whether you give that help here or around the world.  Extreme wealth, when kept to oneself does little to increase happiness in this world.  Regardless of what you believe in, your existence in this world is limited so if you have the means make your mark by showing the world the size of your heart, not the size of your bank account or home.

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