Criticism can be difficult to deal with.  We all want to believe the best about ourselves.  It may be that the cricism is false and/or unwarranted, it may be right on the money, or somewhere in between.  It’s always a mistake to just ignore it however, because there is little chance for you to become a wise person.  The act of reflection is important to the process of change even if you decide that the criticism was false.  I’ve always been one to reflect very deeply on my emotions and it has always led to more understanding about myself and about others.

In those moments in which realize you still have a lot of growing to do one gets filled with a moment of sadness, but one has only to remind oneself that we are all on a journey and that we have to forgive ourselves for not being exactly who we want to be.  My sense of self-worth is perhaps as strong as anyone and it constantly fights to surprise the virtue of humility.  One day I would like to incorporate humility into my sense of self-worth, instead of forgetting to be humble.  For now I will have to have to be proud of the fact that through reflection I can recognize my weaknesses and have faith that I will change for the better as I feel I have always done in the past.

3 thoughts on “Reflection

  1. Hi Swarn,

    What promoted this little ditty? And thus far, I find you humble. However how you labeled the humble in your self worth is interesting. I see self worth as the genesis of knowing oneself to become confident and stride for the higher qualities in themselves and life. Could you please expound on your thinking and inspiration here, I feel we are missing something that only you were privy to.


    Date: Wed, 25 Sep 2013 16:39:10 +0000 To:


    1. What promoted this ditty was an incident work which I don’t really feel appropriate to post publicly. I agree that humility can be an important generator of self-worth, but I believe self-worth can also be built through other factors, like success, risk-taking etc. Everybody has a self-worth bias to a certain degree and it’s something we have to watch out for. When criticism reveals that you are not exactly the person you thought you were, it tooks humility to accept that criticism. In Freud refers to as our superego stands our identity and our moral center. Changing our view of ourselves in the superego requires conscious effort on the part of the mind that Freud called the ego. Our minds are often in a state of conflict with one part battling another. Humility ultimately has the ability to change our superego for the better, but in general the superego resists change. I see this in others too. Some refuse to believe any criticism and are always blaming other things and other people for the situations they find themselves in. So in the face of some criticism I had been facing, I refused to believe that it was true, or rather than it was necessary to change because I believed in my own self-worth more. But after hearing the criticism enough times I finally got it into my head that I still had some growing to do. Although I don’t know if it’s possible, but I hope that in time, humility will become part of my superego and natural part of my identity which allows me to not ignore criticism in favor of my self-worth. Perhaps it’s not realistic to expect that though. I believe there are some battles we will always have to fight at any age, and that’s just part of life.


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