Forgiveness (written April 24th, 2013)

As the Boston Marathon is today, I thought I’d reblog this.

Cloak Unfurled

I’ve been very caught up in the idea of forgiveness lately as a result of the Boston bombing.  As everybody knows I am an atheist so when I see the many “prayers” go out to victims and their families I try to simply see it as people wishing good things for people.

What one never sees however is prayers for the person who committed the horrific act.  In many ways you can sympathize with this.  As human we feel anger, outrage, hurt.  There are many reasons not to forgive.  However, what’s interesting to me is that if you believe in the power of prayer, then the perpetrator is just as worthy of prayer as any of the victims if not more so.  The victims likely have support of friends and loved ones, whereas the perpetrator is likely quite alone.  Again, I’m not saying that perhaps we can be morally okay…

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One thought on “Forgiveness (written April 24th, 2013)

  1. Forgiveness is an interesting word: does it imply forgive, condone and forget? For a life time I have struggled with this word, from the religious aspects and from a psychological view. In the end, it is the act perpetrated and letting go of the moment I have found to be most effective. Did I forgive the person or acts of many authoritarians? Maybe that is why so many of us write blogs!


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