Silly Christmas Parody Poem

Please pass this on…if I write one thing that gets passed around the internet, I would love for it to be this! 🙂

Cloak Unfurled

Twas the night before Christmas, and Facebook was quiet,

No winter weather whines or Phil Robertson riot,

I examined a link, posted without care,

Of the 20 hottest celebrities without any hair.

As I pondered on my next riveting status,

I heard a faint tapping at my window lattice,

I should have got up, for I was no craven,

But I was distracted by a meme of Poe and The Raven,

Then out on the lawn there arose a loud clatter,

So I quickly checked Twitter to see what’s the matter,

No tweets about accidents or troublesome boys,

I even searched for the hashtag, #whatsthatnoise

Then back to my news feed, but still hearing the scuffle,

Couldn’t think of a status with this annoying kerfuffle,

What’s all this jingling, hooves clomping on wood,

Perhaps a little snapchat would do me some good.

From somewhere above a voice so merry and thick,

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