The Right Way To Answer

Instead of just getting upset and complaining I have decided to be proactive. I recently posted about the Indiana business owners who openly admitted to not wanting to serve gay people and received $500,000 dollars in donations. While such support for hateful attitudes upsets me, I have decided the best way to answer this was to try and match that by raising money in an equal amount and support a local organization in Indiana who is trying to make things better for the LGBQT community. So I started a charity fundraiser page. While a goal of $500,000 may be ambitious, and perhaps other people had the same idea, even if I raise only the money I have donated to start things off, then at least I am doing something positive I figure.

So I’m asking that you please give what you can and share this message on social media, blog sites, personal webpages, and/or e-mail.  If finances won’t allow for a donation at this time, I hope you can still pass this post along and ask your friends to donate if they can. Thank you all for loving!  Below is the link for donating:

9 thoughts on “The Right Way To Answer

  1. I reblogged this as well as I’ll go make a donation. There are quite a few entertainers and such who are boycotting Indiana. There are a few bands who were scheduled to play who have cancelled their performances. At first I thought this was great, them showing support for the LGBT community there, but upon reading a facebook post from a gay person who lives in Indiana I realized that this isn’t the kind of help most of them even want. His suggestion was that the bands, instead of further hurting an already scorned community by boycotting and cancelling, have their shows and donate some portion of the proceeds to LGBT awareness.

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    1. I agree. I read an interesting article a friend posted on Facebook that shaming and trying to drive out of business every small business owner who has views you don’t agree with doesn’t really help. So it seemed to me the more proactive approach would be to support the LGBT community and instead of fighting against those who hate them. Empower the group who I believe is in the right instead of punishing the group in the wrong. It just seemed like the better answer! Thank you so much for reblogging this Ruth! 🙂

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      1. This hits close to home as my own home state is considering the same bill in the house. For now, I think, it’s been tabled in view of the backlash in Indiana and Arizona. I don’t know if you watch CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360 but they did a story last week about a town in Georgia where the florists – 5 of them – said they wouldn’t serve a gay wedding. I told TheBrit this morning we should open a florist and bakery and cater to them ourselves. It’s so sad to me.


        1. Wow. I’ve actually discovered a few apologists as facebook friends (I hesitate to call them Christian apologists because they aren’t very Christian) give me arguments that refusing to serve gay people is the same as refusing, as a t-shirt maker, to make pornography themed t-shirts because you are against pornography. Um…a group of people, who cause no harm and are loving in a way that is natural to them is not the same as one’s view on the sex trade. These are people. It’s discrimination. Refusing to serve someone because they are black is the exact same thing as refusing to serve someone who is a homosexual. And yet somehow so many people don’t see it that way. If your belief system allows you to treat a group of people as morally inferior for no reason whatsoever then you are flat off wrong. It’s like believing gravity is up…doesn’t matter. It’s wrong. You don’t get to warp reality because of your belief system. Ugh…so frustrated right now…had to vent!


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