The Media Is Doing Exactly What Rachel Dolezal’s Abusive Homeschooling Parents Want

Very interesting and sad spin to the Rachel Dolezal story.

4 thoughts on “The Media Is Doing Exactly What Rachel Dolezal’s Abusive Homeschooling Parents Want

  1. I’m still trying to make sense of it all. I heard/read that her parents were ticked because she was defending her (foster or adopted?) sister for being sexually molested by their brother. Then I heard that the media approached Rachel’s parents first to confirm they were her parents. There is so much information/disinformation floating around, I’m just not sure if I can form an opinion right now with regard to Rachel being a victim of abuse, physical, mental, sexual or otherwise. All I really know to be fact at this point is that she was dishonest about being black, and estranged from her parents.

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    1. The exerpts from the brother’s journal does seem like it points to being raised by some pretty strong fundamentalist beliefs. Especially in regards to corporal punishment.


  2. Bessie Harrison

    I really think that the media should let this run it”s course ,for whatever reasons, her parents chose now to bring up her parentage, what she herself feels is what counts, I do think that there are some family problems. It is a shame that she resigned her position, because there is no stipulation that you must be of one particular race to be in or hold office in the N.A.A.C.P. and by all accounts, she was doing a very impressive job. so very sad..for all concerned..

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