A Little Red Wagon

Dhyan_wagonI’m trying hard to have the occasional short post for people who are tired of my long posts, so this seemed like a good one. 🙂  A friend of ours had no use anymore for a Roadmaster red wagon that their grandchildren had outgrown and gave it to us.  My son took right away to sitting in the wagon and has opted to be pulled around in the wagon instead of being pushed in the stroller.  I have taken him a few times now on a two mile route around my neighborhood in which one leg of the journey goes down one of the main roads in town and I have to say it’s a special experience.

It’s interesting how the red wagon seems to evoke emotion in the faces of others.  For most it brings smiles and a sense of nostalgia.  Today one gentleman was outside his home and on his phone and he called out to me and told me to stop and wanted to take a picture and he exclaimed to the person he was talking to “You’ll never believe it, but there is a guy pulling his kid around on a red flyer!”.  And he did take a picture of me and my son.  🙂  The reaction is much stronger than pushing him around on the stroller.  A lot of people point, or wave to him (he sort of just stares blankly unsure of why he has become so popular).  Maybe it’s because it is a classic wagon that the nostalgia is stronger.  Maybe the reaction would not be the same if it was some other color or some other brand.  Some people seem to feel a little sad though.  Nostalgia tends to do that as sometimes I see faces with a little bit of longing, perhaps for the past long since gone.  And sometimes I swear I see a deeper sadness, perhaps wishing that their mother or father would have taken them on wagon rides, or the remembrance of a parent that has passed on.

It’s nevertheless comforting to me that such simple things can evoke such emotion.  That small things can feel so grand.  I enjoy the feeling of taking him for a walk on a warm autumn day.  And for a short time that little wagon becomes a grand chariot to my son and to all around him, and even though I’m the one pulling it, I feel as rich as any king.

10 thoughts on “A Little Red Wagon

  1. I love the red wagon. We have one of the newer plastic wagons with giant plastic wheels that make it sound like a dump truck when we’re going around. Nothing compares with the Radio Flyer. Jonathan likes to take one knee and lean forward over the front like he’s in charge or something.

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    1. Thank you Ruth for your kind words. While I like to be a present oriented person, there is definitely moments where, even if its a bit sad, it’s good to get lost in some nostalgia. I think sometimes it’s good to be reminded how we come to be where we are today. 🙂


  2. My little brothers had one too (they are 12-16 years younger than I) . Ihave fun memories of pulling them around in it. They would put pillows and blankets in it too! And when they got bigger, ride down hills holding the handle…haha..not safe at all, but so much fun!!

    I am sure the memories start off sweet then a longing. I do that when I see pictures of my teen sons as little boys, where did time go?

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    1. I am trying to really live in the moment, but if I let my mind think about when he was born until now, time does seem to go by so fast. I am a super sappy person, which means that my son will see me get pretty misty-eyed throughout his life. lol

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        1. LOL…it’s going to be brutal Sally. If I let myself I’d start to cry imagining that moment when my son moves out. But my son deserves a father who at least waits to cry until there is something to cry about. lol I was getting all misty eyed when we left his family in Poland this summer because I realize he was starting to be old enough to really get attached to people and really miss them when they are gone…and I was like happy and sad because I knew he was starting to know what love is, but then I thought he is also going to start to no what the pain you feel is when that love is absent….god damnit! lol

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          1. It is a joy and a heart ache. I miss my tow oldest so much, but I am happy that we raised sons that we ready to take life on. They found their apartments, connected utilities…They are doing what I did at 20. I was ready to be on my own and I shouldn’t take that excitement from them….but I do cry sometimes!! haha!!!!

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