AI October: The Ethics Of… They Took Our Jobs

A great blog piece looking at the future and how technology is slowly replacing humans in just about everything!

The Ethics Of

The ironic thing about living in this information age, with technology advancing at an unprecedented rate, is that there really haven’t been all that many truly new ethical problems to sort out yet. Sure the internethas created virtual worlds from scratch, and personal surveillance drones have suddenly made the jump from ‘science fiction’ to ‘$19.95 at Dick Smith’, but despite the new technical complications both of these basically boil down to the issue of privacy– something society has had a long debate about for hundreds of years. The emergence of global terrorism has lead us to willingly forsake civil liberties we used to hold dear, but again, the general debate of ‘security versus freedom’ has been around forever.

Sure, the continued march of technology is likely to give us plenty of terrifying new ethical issues to tackle someday soon. Should cloning be allowed? Does lab-grown meat qualify as…

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3 thoughts on “AI October: The Ethics Of… They Took Our Jobs

  1. ryan59479

    I posed this question to the OP, but I’ll pose it to you as well: although this is scientifically possible, do you think it is inevitable?

    Personally, I don’t think it is, because people who have wealth and power no are probably going to do everything they can to maintain the current economic status quo.

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    1. Well I don’t know that it’s inevitable as we could see cultural shifts that changes this, but I don’t know that the people who have wealth and power are the ones that would be most against it. Right now cheap human labor is a convenience, but even at the pittance rates they pay people in other countries if there could be a better product at a cheaper cost to them thus maximizing profits it would be their best interest to make it happen. I mean because you could argue why wouldn’t they have wanted to maintain the status quo when they were already rich in 70’s before jobs got moved overseas? Now if robot workers are for some reason unprofitable then yes they will resist it. Now of course if all robot workers lead to nobody having any money in which to buy goods then of course that would be a problem…but…I suspect that there will be a point of automation where profits are becoming maximized before it drops…at that point it may be too late, or we may all be so destitute and desperate for work that they can then go back to the old way with even cheaper labor. Such predictions of the future involve too many variables to say accurately what’s going to happen…but given trends in how technology has replaced human labor and given the rate in which technology seems to be advancing it’s something that I think we have to pay attention to and be wary of the issue.

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