Night Conversation

I conversed with a heavenly body last night,
She was particularly beautiful,
She radiated tenderly on my face,
I knew she belonged to another, a great man,
But she was so lovely and alone that I stayed

Of late I had given in to her many times,
I knew he would not mind,
He being so far above us anyway,
And I could not resist her flattery,
And the way her faces expressed sympathy.

With heavy eyes she looked at me and said,
“You are too much in my light friend,
Find your way into the day,
I have been romanced since days of old,
And your companionship is unnecessary.”

Confused and yet boldly replying,
“You may be invisible without him,
But don’t dismiss me so easily,
I do understand you the best lady,
We are much closer than you are with him.”

I paused and pondered in reflection,
“Please see me as I am fair lady,
Though you radiate with less intensity,
You can illuminate me and more,”
But she shook her head in revolution.

I turned away from her rejected,
Feeling her pale light, my desperation waxed
“But lady I am going through a phase,
I know that’s your expertise,
Please let me stay in your company.”

She said, “For as much as we share,
In the end only one face remains,
Your perception of me is as he desires,
Instead, strive to be like him always,
Cast your own light into the universe.”

I said, “You underestimate your value,
But perhaps I do as well,
And alas we are once more alike,
Don’t shut me out from your gifts,
Let me bask in ambiguous beauty.”

I then searched the source of my thoughts,
My lamentations were in orbit,
Do I choose fruitless pursuit in my sky?
My separation from her dawned on me,
But I continued to argue in circles as she circled.

“Why have I never seen you from behind?”
As I turned, her turn kept pace with mine,
“I only see your face changing,
I long to see the curve of your back,
The flowing of your lustrous hair.”

Though she knew the reasons for my pleas
Tears fell from both eyes and she said,
“My motion is fixed and I have no choices,
You do not know the gravity of my situation,
If I was different it was so long ago.”

“You must understand that he is the only one,
The only one who sees all of me,
Though your heart may sink at this,
I am not here for your benefit,
He and I have been together for so long.”

A fog then began to grow in the night air,
She became featureless but glowing,
And I heard her anguish over me,
I felt her obstinance waning,
And I longed to press my face to hers.

She sighed “Only one knows me entire,
And long familiarity has faded to habit,
So expert is my illusion I am whole,
Few show interest in more of me,
I am complimented, but you know the truth.”

“It has been a long time for me too,
Since one has appreciated my other side,
My memory is as clear as yours,
What good is it to rise as he does,
For all my beauty I am shallowly perceived.”

With empathy she resigned and said,
“Let us pass the nights together my darling,
When you are ready to take me from your sky,
You will rise one morning with him,And the thrill of a new day will set you free.”

I conversed with a heavenly body last night,
And as I fell asleep she was there,
And when I opened my eyes I was dreaming,
Dreaming of the warmth of the sun,
When the dream ended, I waited again for her.


20 thoughts on “Night Conversation

        1. That would be about as far as I could get. There are some great apps though that can help you locate constellations and planets for your location though. I think sky map is the one I heard about… There are likely others.


  1. “My motion is fixed and I have no choices,
    You do not know the gravity of my situation,
    If I was different it was so long ago.”

    So close and yet so far, so it is at times for all, be ye planetary body or human. A sad tale, but the last two verses lifts them up and has them enjoying all they can, and that’s really the key in all relationships, no matter what the scale – *smiles*. Great words in a great order Swarn.

    – esme mulling over the universe and its ways upon the Cloud

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    1. I’m not sure why I had to approve this comment, as you’ve commented on my blog before! I hope you didn’t think that I become suddenly disapproving! 🙂 I’m glad you liked the poem…I wrote it about 16 years ago, but did some tweaking before posting it here. Still evidence of a much younger me. lol

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      1. You’ve given me an incentive to “republish” some of my older poems and haiku’s. Most of mine were written MUCH farther back than 16 years. 😉

        I have a couple of other WP blogs registered and I’m thinking of “publishing” some of my stuff on one of them and (hopefully) linking to it from my regular blog … for those who are interested. it may be awhile, however, as we’re leaving next week for about a 3-week trip.

        BTW, I just sent you a FB friend request and noticed you’re friends with my son-in-law! Plus some other people that I know. My, my. Small world.

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        1. I look forward to the poetry Nan! As I mentioned a few months ago in a post, i want to try to put more poetry on here because I think it can be a useful form of expression. It’s less straightfoward, but the world is also and therefore sometimes maybe poetry is the best first step at expressing some things. 🙂

          And I accepted your friend request and yes I don’t think we have too many mutual friends, but I understand the confusion. lol Glad to have you on there too! 🙂

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      2. Fear not, I always have moderation on for comments, purely to stop spam, or videos, or any links that I’m not keen on popping up when I’m not looking. *smiles*

        16 years. Blimey. How wonderful poetry and prose is, transcending time, you’d never know if it was created yesterday or 16 years ago. It simply ‘is’ and it is a fine one sir *nods*.

        – esme waving from upon the Cloud

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  2. She requites as best she can, and which has echoes in my own life of late. I read your work three times, Swarn, as I’m not very good on poetry, but where I sense there’s something of value I persist, and occasionally, as was so here, am rewarded despite my dimmed acuity in this sphere.

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    1. Thank you Hariod. There is no greater compliment one can get on their poetry than someone who enjoys it enough to search through it to evaluate their connection to it. I am glad the poem has connected to you, especially since I am not sure my poetic ability has any more acuity than your ability to interpret it. 🙂 But I will say that this poem was one that I was always very proud of, as I felt I was able to bring out a depth of feeling to things that I was going through in my life at the time so this poem definitely means something to me, and so I’m glad that it can grow to mean something to somebody else.

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      1. For me, in being a neophyte to poetry, it feels as did garnering appreciation of abstract painting at first. One has to suppress the tendency to extract too precisely any interpretative meaning, and let the feel of the thing play beneath the level of the intellect. I’m learning, and the clarity of your presentation helps greatly – does that make sense, clearly presenting what is not clearly understood? It does to me.

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        1. Strangely it does, because I think that I am the same way. As someone with an analytical mind it is easy to quickly get in there and tear things apart, but I find that if I pause and think about the feelings it invokes first, the piece becomes more personal. I also find that reciting a poem, thinking about how the words might be spoken helps me interpret it better, and this takes some time.

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      1. I find that poetry comes out of me when I am confronted with something that deeply affects me. Usually it is some injustice, and I see lots of that. I haven’t written for a while because I have been busy, but I hope to get back to it. I find that I can express myself stronger with poetry than prose.

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