Soft Things

Seeking comfort when we begin,
By lying next to mother’s skin,
In flannel jammies snug for night,
Soft woolen blanket wrapped so tight
Daddy hands out plush new toy,
Is squeezed for infant’s peaceful joy.

Jumping, rolling in piles of pillows,
Fingers touching pussy willows,
Fighting winter’s cold with fleecy hat,
Pressing face in the fur of fuzzy cat,
Hugs through quilts tucked in to bed,
Big hungry bites of warm fresh bread.

Falling on powdered snowy ground,
Laughing in parkas filled with down,
Hands on lightly coated arms so fair,
Cheeks brushed by gently flowing hair,
The tingle from kisses on inviting lips,
A cozy spoon while caressing hips.

It seems as I grow, I also harden,
From worldly hurts, I entreat your pardon,
My creature comforts are not fragility,
Just sensory inputs that bring tranquility,
I look up at the puffy clouds aloft,
And hope not to lose a love for soft.

12 thoughts on “Soft Things

  1. Ah, so. Just yesterday I was telling my (slightly) incalcitrant husband to watch out – old age was stalking him, tempting him to harden in that moment. He chuckled but also agreed that it’s getting harder for him to soften into (certain situations, etc) and he does recognize this. I think both mental as well as physical flexibility makes for a much more comfortable life at any age. And makes it far more comfortable for those around us if we can remain open to their different personalities and viewpoints. So your poem is not only dear in a child-ish sort of way, but also timely. Aloha, Swarn! Have a good weekend! 🙂

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    1. Thank you bela for your comment and kind words. The poem did have a bit of a “these are a few of my favorite things” from the Sound of Music way about it. lol But it was intentional as it was inspired by a podcast I listened to on NPR that was looking at our relation to creature comforts. It began with a story about a woman in her 40’s who still has her childhood blanket that she sleeps with. This poem was my validating her, because I think we all look for comfort in the soft and I think it is a very human thing.

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    2. Oh and in relation to your husband, I can empathize…it does get harder to soften…but that doesn’t mean that we occasionally can’t just lose ourselves in the moment of feeling something soft. It seems to me such moments are healthy. It helps us take a break from that world that hardens us. 🙂

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      1. Yes, I agree – softness is delectable – I mean, I’m sitting here on one of those ultra-soft fleecy things they sell as ‘throws.’ (Never sure what that means – I’ve never ‘thrown’ one anywhere, quite honestly – this one’s wrapped around the seat of my office futon.) My excuse is that sometimes I’m in from the garden and I don’t want the new fabric I recovered the chair with to get dirty, but in truth, it just feels luxurious 😉 And since I’m an interior designer, of course texture is important. But the lady in her 40’s with her blankie from childhood? Hmmmm …. You are sweet to validate her, and to explore the topic. As for me, I look for ‘soft’ inside as well as out, for the tender moments and corners of my heart, especially where it’s difficult. People can be cruel, whether intentionally or otherwise. The world seems to have gone mad. To strive for tenderness anyway seems odious at times, but I feel it’s essential to sanity. Hope you have a lovely weekend, Swarn! ❤

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