I know that darkness won’t endure,
But sometimes it’s hard to see in the dark,
But I will not lose my reason,
My desire to understand the seasons,
Turning leaves reveal the truth,
Known to every pimpled youth,
There is no escaping that things change,
And so you can hold on
And squeeze the moment,
But it will eventually slip like sand,
And with time abrading your open fingers,
To make sure you learn lessons well,
To remind you, you’re avoiding the inevitable.

You can wallow in the quagmire of your beliefs,
You can even inspire with a clever tongue,
You can wipe clean all that science has found,
And it will come back and haunt you,
But humanity is no ghost,
It is curious and is happiest when it discovers,
Even though it risks its happiness,
Because somewhere in the maze of consciousness,
We know that without the risk there is no joy,
No success, no growth
We are not content to look through a pinhole,
While one eye looks at the dark, and the rest
Of our senses atrophy into putrid decay.

Each time that you hate and dehumanize,
You become less than you think you are,
Your victims more than you think they are.
And I will oppose you with heart, with teeth,
And you will fight on the battleground of reason,
Or risk endless cycles violence,
Ripping parents from children,
Casting yourself into an oblivion,
That you believe to be paradise,
All because you never knew,
How great a human you could become,
How so many pieces of existence,
Were waiting for you to know them.

And you will pay dearly for unwise choices,
And you will be forgiven,
Because the world has loss and pain,
But nobody really wants to destroy you but time,
And none of us have any say over that,
Make your meaning out of the indifferent universe,
And treat existence like a gift.
Because it is.

17 thoughts on “Reason

    1. It’s mixed. We are a university in a rural area in SW Pa that voted for Trump. So a lot of students come from families whose parents voted for Trump. I had 4 out of 8 students in my upper level meteorology class vote for Trump, which is especially odd given that they likely voted themselves out of a job given the Republican party’s stance on the environment. Certainly a lot of minorities, LGBT students and faculty were very concerned. As I posted a couple of weeks ago, the desperation in a lot of rural folks around here is evident in their hopes for Trump. I don’t think he can really follow through, but I am trying my best to be sympathetic to the voters and focus on the actions of soon to be leader and leading party in this nation.

      Thanks for the compliment Hariod. 🙂

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        1. Maybe, I haven’t heard about the Facebook group. Personally I don’t think it’s the right time to be using up our protesting energy. I don’t think much can come from a protest right now. The new administration hasn’t done anything yet. Honestly I think both political parties have a lot of introspection to do and ask if this divided nation is really the one they want just for the sake of power. Perhaps some do, but I expect most do not.

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            1. No wonder he dropped dead after hearing the election results. I almost did, myself. Good video, Hariod ❤ (favorite lines: 'from the homicidal bitchin' that goes on in every kitchen' … 'i love the country but i can't stand the scene') … Sail on.

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  1. 😀 I like this!

    You commented to Hariod that you don’t think much can come from a protest right now. Perhaps not … because in the big picture what can a bunch of individuals do just by chanting and holding up signs? Yet I do support them (so long as there’s no destructive actions). I think the nation needs to hear their message. Some of my friends on FB have expressed very negative feelings about the demonstrations, but they’re the same ones who said some pretty nasty things about Hillary before the election.

    Overall, it’s a very contentious time right now. Yes, it will eventually calm down as far as the outward expressions, but I wonder what will become of the seething anger as tRump begins to enact some of his campaign promises — especially those that deal with real people.

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    1. I hear you Nan. I agree I am find with any peaceful protesting. I just know human behavior too…you don’t want to blow the steam off too early, since I believe we are going to need quite a lot of it the next coming years and I am just not sure how effective a massive protest right now will be when Trump has yet to do anything.

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