A Hero Rises

They say coincidences happen all the time.  Non-random acts, happening at the same time.  Such events amuse us, and sometimes amaze us.  So much so that we attribute meaning to these occurrences.  But sometimes these events create something unexpected.  Something that no person could have expected even if they were to expect coincidences to happen.  There is, at times, an alignment of coincidences so unique, so bizarre, that they defy natural explanation.  What should we expect from the following ingredients?

  1. A mother working with ancient DNA of extinct dinosaurs on the day of her ovulation.
  2. A careless lab assistant in a hospital who let a bit of a virus escape which activates previously inactive DNA.
  3. An unsuspecting nurse who picked up this virus while passing the lab assistant in the hall on her way to a birth.
  4. A solar eclipse.
  5. A sudden increase in the cosmic radiation from space due to an unknown alien presence.

And then a child is born.  A strange growth appears on his back, vestigial tail, and big feet with hardened claw like toenails.  The doctors and nurses are horrified and aghast at what they see. The mother, however, is determined to love her child, with that inspirational, unconditional love we all hope to have in our lives.

The growth on his back turns into a dorsal fin, his tail grows quickly and develops spikes.  His feet become weapons, and their large size and sharp claws also allows him to move swiftly over uneven terrain.

The child’s heart is still human, and like all humans full of dreams and passions.  In this case, for construction.  At the age of 3 he dons the hat that would define him for his life as he becomes:


Capable of building on land or water, and with predatory instincts he would become the wealthiest construction contractor in the world.  When he isn’t building, he fights crime on any Earth surface with lightning fast swimming and running speeds no human can accomplish.  Dinosaur Shark Construction Man could have become a menace if not for a loving mother, who Dinosaur Shark Construction Man still turns to in dark times for advice.

If you see Dinosaur Shark Construction Man, he is a friend, you don’t need to worry.  Unless you’re a criminal…then BE VERY AFRAID!!

18 thoughts on “A Hero Rises

    1. One day I’ll write my epic superhero tale! lol But today my son is my superhero. After I posted this we went to the pool and Dhyan had this bag of slightly caramelized popcorn. He was very into this other little girl who was about 4 years old and I told him he should share some of his popcorn. Well he took the “share some of his popcorn” very literally, and didn’t just try to share it with the little girl but literally went around the whole pool area to around 50 different people all giving them a piece of popcorn. I am not sure what is superpower is, but he’s definitely my kryptonite!

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  1. BWAHAHAHAHA!!! What a wonderfully friendly FUROCIOUS little creature you have there Swarn! 😛 😉

    Alright, I already know full well the mother is exceptional, BUT… I need to know more about this father! What in tha HELL does HE look like!? What sort of genetic coding does HE have!? 😮


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