Me, Too

From my friend Sarah, who is an amazing warm, intelligent, and thoughtful human being. It hurts to see how often she has been reduced to a superficial object by men.

Milkweed for Monarchs



When I was 8, a classmate was picking on a friend of mine. When I told him to stop, he punched me in the side of the head so violently, I lost my hearing in one ear until the following morning.

When I was 13, I was chased around the neighborhood by a boy who thought it was fun to slap me with a wet towel until he finally tackled me and put his hands down the top of my bathing suit. I had bruises for two weeks.

When I was 14, I realized my sweater was inside out after gym class and asked a teacher if I could use his classroom to change. He barricaded the door so no one else could get in, but stayed in the room and didn’t avert his gaze once while I took off my sweater.

When I was 15 and in my…

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One thought on “Me, Too

  1. Unfortunately, bullies run amuck, often due to lack of good parenting or parents being bullies themselves! My heart rents with tears when hearing these stories! I am sorry for such agony in our world caused by some to innocent people.
    Nonetheless, being abused myself in a violent demeanor as a child, I wear the scars – but emotional I am a Bengal Tiger who is Altruistic to a point, no one dares bully me or anyone around me or will they be damaging to animals.
    We do live through these damaging times in our lives for the most part!! Many with great determination. I am sorry for those who have had such crimes committed to them.

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