How to FAKE a “Pause” in Global Warming

I nice little discussion on the global warming “pause”.

Open Mind

Climate deniers love to declare a “pause” in global warming. What they don’t seem to care for is finding out the truth about whether or not it’s real. When it becomes so obvious global warming hasn’t paused that claiming it’s still paused becomes untenable, they’ll declare that it did — for a while, at least — and that it has already begun another “pause” — with the same amount of real evidence as before. None, that is.

No problem! Just fake it. But how? All you fellas out there with deniers to impress, it’s easy to do, just follow these steps.

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2 thoughts on “How to FAKE a “Pause” in Global Warming

  1. jim-

    There are effects of something going on here in the western US. While the ocean doesn’t appear to be any higher, (and I don’t follow the data as much as I should) we now have a fire season from May to October. Drought continues on and each year we are setting records on the fire maps. Or are these fires just fake too? There are obvious signs if you look.

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    1. There are obvious signs if you look. — Unfortunately, the deniers haven’t had their eyes checked for a very long time. And, like Christians, they tend to wear rose-colored glasses.

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