Blogs for my Climate Change Course

Dear Readers,

I am hoping, if you have the time, that you can help me out.  I am teaching a course on global climate change this year, and I decided that to develop students communication skills and to be better activists in the public sector I would have them start blogs and have it themed on an area of climate.  There are 7 students in the class and I don’t expect everyone to read each one of them, but if there is a topic that interests you, I’d love if you read it, give feedback, ask questions, provide helpful additional information on the topic, give suggestions on how they might improve their blog, and/or even argue (respectfully) if you like.  And if you like the blog enough share it with your followers and other social media like Facebook or Twiitter.  Thank you!

A blog on geoengineering.  The first post isn’t ready yet, but I am sure it will be up in the next few days:

A blog on how water resources will be impacted by climate change:

A blog that seems to be about prediction. Not sure.

A blog on alternative energy.

A blog on climate change and tourism.

A blog that looks at negative health effects caused by climate change.

The writing is likely to be rough around the edges.  Hopefully that will improve as the semester goes on.  Thank you for your help in advance!

17 thoughts on “Blogs for my Climate Change Course

  1. Scottie

    I don’t have time today so I followed them and saved the bookmarks to go back over the next few days and read each entry. We need more people working on this subject and fighting for the planet. Hugs

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  2. I chose a couple then picked one and have read and commented. Hopefully with some sage advice as a long timer on the Cloud.

    Great idea!

    I’ll be back to probably tell the others very similar things, but only if needs be.

    – Esme waving upon the Cloud

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  3. I hit up half the class, Swarn.

    Now I fully expect your students to have a keen eye for pattern recognition, so if they compare notes and do a little Bayesian analysis on the likelihood of the same guy with that goofy yellow icon dropping by unannounced on the same evening, they will conclude there’s a conspiracy here. So if they ask you during class if you care to comment on this, you can just tell them you heard it here first–it was truly a pleasure.


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  4. Okay, so I’ve been a good girl and followed all these blogs. I don’t have time today to read all the posts, but as I do, I will doubtlessly comment on them. Anything regarding climate science is of interest. I do have a suggestion for You though! If you can link those sites to pop up in separate windows, that would be great. I had to keep hitting the Back button until I could return here to pick up the next url. Aloha, Swarn! 🙂

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  5. I read and commented on the health issues. Something not covered, and not sure where you are teaching, but here in the western US the fire season is 2 months longer than it used to be. I read both posts but only commented on the first. Goood luck.

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