For Victoria over at Victoria Neuronotes

Hello all.  It’s been some time since I posted I know.  I have them building up in my head and my blog is not dead, nor am I!  There has been a lot of family here, the world cup, and well an extra baby to take care of so I’m just trying to develop a bit of a new pattern in life, and right now that doesn’t give me much time for blogging.

For right now…well many of my readers know Victoria over at Victoria Neuronotes.  In fact it’s safe to say that many of my first followers found me from commenting on her blog.  Victoria has become an amazing friend and I want to try and help her break out of the rut she is in and have a some independence in her life.  You can read the narrative I wrote on the link I post below.  If any of you can help her out, that would be wonderful, but I have started a Go Fund Me for her, so she can hopefully get a reliable used car and be able to live on her own.

For those of you who don’t know her, your help would, of course, still mean a lot to me, and her.  You can check out her blog here if you want to learn more about the things she cares about and her experiences.

If you can help here is the link to the GoFundMe.  I also encourage you to share this link with others who you think might be able to help.  Victoria is a long time member of the WordPress community here and there may be others who don’t blog often, but have good memories of her, and maybe you are touch with those people through e-mail or Facebook.  Please pass it on.  Thank you in advance, and I will of course send you updates as the story develops!

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  1. Scottie

    Reblogged this on Scotties Toy Box and commented:
    The write up on the go fund me page is beautiful Swarn. It is a nice snap shot of Victoria’s life and struggles, and affirms what a grand person she is. To the followers of my Toy Box, as you know life can throw us all for some very hard turns. Not everyone has a good support system. If you are in a position to help others a little, please think of helping Victoria. In the time I have known her through comments and replies on blogs she was always full of grace , smart, funny, and caring. Thank you. Hugs

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    1. Hi Jim, I think this is the first time meeting you, as I didn’t recognize your name or blog, but I popped over and hit the follow button. I look forward to reading your posts and comments. It’s to meet you, although I wished it could have been under different circumstances. I am so touched by your generosity. Thank you! 🙂

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        1. Jim, it’s great to see you! I have not seen you on Swarns blog before, but then again, it’s been a while. How are things in Panama? Btw, I meant to write “It’s *nice* to meet you.” After being gone for 11 months, I was hoping WordPress had added an edit option by now.

          –Victoria still annoying the grammar police. 😀

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          1. We are back in the states for a spell. Washington state, but still, have the homestead. Panamaminute didn’t work for me bein’s I’m not in Panama. You all converted me to the dark side so I thought I’d write about it. Nice to see you too, and hope you are still on the road to awesome!

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            1. Jim, I’m posting here as Swarn has his nesting limited to 3 replies in a thread. You wrote:

              *”You disappeared and I thought maybe you stumbled into a revival and got yourself baptized against your will.”*

              Haha — yeah, it’d be just my luck, right? 😀 I’m still in Mississippi, but I won’t die here unless the True Christians™ drown me in the baptismal.

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  2. Lovely post Swarn, you are a kind friend indeed, and if there’s one thing we should do if we consider ourselves friends, it is rally round in times of need. I firmly believe this.

    – Esme sending love Victoria and Swarn from upon the Cloud

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    1. Hey Esme, we’ve already been in touch via email, but I want to take this opportunity to thank you publicly for your financial gift and love. I have missed my blogging family, who are dear to me. I look forward to getting back in the groove. xx

      — Victoria returning the love and hoping Esme will toss her a sticky bun.

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      1. Hello dearie, I didn’t see this in my notifications! Fuzzy of brain as ever. You’re most welcome, and it just goes to show how some people stay with us no matter how far away they go. ❤

        – Esme Cloud batting the love back again with six sticky buns – catch! xx

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        1. Thank you! I will get through this, I’ve no doubt. Things went downhill quickly for me after employers found out I was an atheist. Most if not all Southern states are right-to-work states. Translation: “we can fire you or lay you off for no reason and there’s nothing you can do about it.”

          But poverty in the Bible Belt is not a new phenomenon. As Michael Lind wrote in his book “The Land of Promise: An Economic History of the United States”, employers who support Southernomics aim to break the spirit of their employees.

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  3. It was Fyodor Dostoevsky who said, “There is immeasurably more left inside than what comes out in words.” That resonates with me as try to express my gratitude. This is probably the most vulnerable and exposed I’ve ever felt while online. I am not one to share my personal struggles, publicly, until I have found resolve and hopefully in some small way, use my experiences to inspire or encourage others. I weep as I write this because you all have inspired me with your kindness and generosity, and I am profoundly humbled.

    Swarn, from the depths of my being, I thank you for doing this for me. Compassion is something we choose to practice, and when we first met in 2015, that was a part of your character that stood out. No matter how financially impoverished I might be at this time, I feel rich because of your unwavering love and friendship, and that goes for Maggie, too. I love you.

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  4. Hi, Swarn
    Just wanted to confirm the email I received was from you. It starts with “Hi Pink. You can use my…” – I suddenly realised that anyone reading this exchange who knows my email could contact me.
    And just out of curiosity why coffeebar?

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      1. Oh Victoria, you are more than welcome! I only wish I could afford more right now — money has never been a top priority for me or my family — so when I have enough to share, for such a needed/necessary reason, and for someone as good, smart, friendly, and OF COURSE with a little “pizzazz” and spunk 😉 it’s a no brainer! So don’t mention it. I’m happy to do what I can. Besides, I’m passing it forward as well because recently I too had someone (a stranger really, from China who just immigrated here!) help me out in a huge way with my medical bills and struggles! Totally unexpected! Brought me to tears.

        If I’m able to do more later I will! In our wonderful community of WordPress friends I believe these sorts of great hearts and helping hands — like you as well — truly want to be a community of support, even if we are miles or continents apart!

        Please keep positive, laugh when you can, and don’t be a stranger, okay!? ❤

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        1. Professor, I’m happy to read that someone helped you during your time of need and that things have improved for you. I know you’ve gone through a difficult time the past couple of years, so I am deeply moved that you have done this for me.

          We should catch up soon. 💛 🙂

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  5. Hi again,
    Two suggestions 😀 Keep the gofundme going for a couple of months because the height of summer vacation isn’t the best time to start this sort of thing. And I’d edit the text a little bit. People respond best to easily understandable narratives 🙂

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    1. Thanks for the advice Pink. I guess when it came to the narrative, it seemed important to me to have a bit of a story since people also respond to stories. Too short and this just becomes some random person to help over all the other random people to help. I’m not very good at making things impactful in a short amount of space. lol

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  8. I really, really like Victoria … and have greatly missed her in our group of bloggers … but I’m tapped out right now. I feel bad because I really do want to help. 😦

    If the GFM account stays open indefinitely, perhaps I can do more in a couple of months.

    I suppose this “confession” is unnecessary, but I wanted this fine lady to know I AM thinking of her and feel bad that things have been so tough for her. Hopefully, others can/will help out in my stead so her circumstances will improve … and SOON!

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    1. Thank you Nan! And no worries about not being able to contribute at this point. I am going to leave it open for awhile, and I know you are caring and kind person regardless, and so I appreciate your support even if it’s just moral support. *hugs*

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  9. Nice to see you back, Swarn! And happy to support the cause. I grew up in the south and can only imagine some of the potential challenges with being an atheist there… I had my own set of challenges with the local theology from time to time… Ha! (Knew lots of loving, great people, too…) At any rate, there’s always challenges aren’t there? The important thing is to help where we can, and I also appreciate your taking this up on Victoria’s behalf. Having an advocate like you, helping like this, is I’m sure a profound help.


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    1. Thank you Michael for your kind words and your contribution! Currently my own set of challenges is trying to raise two small children and find time to blog! But once family is here again to help out in the fall, I’ll be back to a somewhat more regular schedule! Thanks again and I hope you and your family are well!

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    2. Hi Michael, thank you for your generosity and thoughtful comment. Swarn has spoken highly of you and I’m glad you two got to meet in person. He’s a keeper. I look forward to getting to know you better.

      With much gratitude,

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      1. Likewise, Victoria. I’ve had to ask for help before, and it was really difficult. There’s a sense of failure, or there was for me. It’s a conditioned response I think. The reality is that we all need each other in ways we don’t dare imagine. Too often in the turmoil of emotions we face in the moments when we confront the reality we can’t do it all ourselves, we respond in anger of some sort. Rather than asking for help and making the effort to meet it halfway, there’s an all too human tendency to place blame. This is why I said what I did about Swarn stepping up… It’s a beautiful and powerful thing to be honest and vulnerable about our needs.

        Wishing you the very best,


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