How long since the pattern broke?
Long enough to create new patterns?
I barely know what day it is
Time stretches out before me
But a week has passed without me realizing
Is there a specific reason to go to bed early?
We wake when we wake
Scheduling things feels like living
We should be saddened by this
I went outside because it was sunny
I came in when I was hungry
In isolation we have no need to coordinate
To sync up
Small distances make for easy meeting
Provided there are people in your house
Otherwise you are left to distantly socializing
Provided you can find the time
Seriously where is the clock?
I just want to sneak a glance
Days used to be numbers,
Now they are sunrises and sunsets
There is time for walking,
And noticing the thing two blocks from your house
That you passed everyday but didn’t appreciate
Because you were always driving off in your car
On your way to somewhere else
Somewhere else
The place you had to be
Right on the hour

11 thoughts on “Relativity

  1. Agreed. As children it takes a while to learn the concept of time. It is an unnatural way to exist in the world. Then it takes a while to unlearn it, that living isn’t dwelling on the past or reaching for the future, but it is now. How many people have complained they never have enough time, but haven’t known what to do with themselves these last few weeks? This may be the big one that got away.

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    1. I think that we might adjust over time. I think what a lot of people are experiencing right now is withdrawal. I think we can get addicted to our lifestyles in a sense because of how much we are creatures of habits.

      Children are much better living in the moment. I was thinking yesterday too about how much we emphasize the value of memory as I watching my youngest play. He’s happy and yet will remember nothing of this day. So much of what we do and experience cognitively will not stay in memory and yet we see memory as vitally important. It’s certainly not not important, but memory can also drag us down like a stone. What have we not been paying attention to all the time that may have brought meaning and contentment?

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      1. Certain groups emphasizing the past as a hallmark of human being are certainly stuck in it. In nature (if we are any longer natural creatures at all is to be determined) we don’t see much more than home building and a few collectors of necessities, but other than the pack rat that may be it. I read somewhere after a study, that a number one regret of palliative care patients was what they worried about when life was good.

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      2. Hi Swarn,

        It is really good to see you back here once in a while, considering that you no longer blog as often as you did last year.

        I can sense the frustration in what you wrote here, as well as the (re)adjustment and resolution plus reflection. Given the unusual and difficult situation created by the viral pandemic, I hope that you and your family will remain safe and sound. Moreover, may you find the rest of 2020 very much to your liking and highly conducive to your teaching, writing, thinking and blogging!

        After the passing of my mother, I have since found the time and resolve to resurrect some of my piano compositions. My latest post contains some of the music scores as well as music tracks that I recently published at

        Happy May to you and your family very soon!


    1. Thanks mak! We are doing well. How are you? Some Kenyan on Twitter was raving about how well it’s going there and that everybody is using social distancing and thus they’ve got very few cases. I don’t know, I find it hard to believe. From what you’ve said about the government there they seem likely to lie about numbers, and not care too much about testing. I hope things are actually good though!

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      1. I am well and my village people too.
        That Kenyan is spreading half truths. In many places I see people living like there are no requirements for social distancing. But the confirmed cases are few. Incidence of cases could tell a different story. Mass testing is impossible. The government has over the years underfunded healthcare, research institutions and all. Where would the capacity for mass testing arise?

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    1. I am. Two young children, one a toddler are around me constantly though. COVID might not get me, but fatherhood could be bad for my health. lol I mean mostly it’s a joy, but yeah I miss not having my time at school. I also really don’t like teaching online.

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  2. Right on the hour. Well, time is an illusion, but you already know that. So here we are, out of time, or with too much of it. But it doesn’t exist, right? Only in our fixed imaginings. I am sure there are some serious lessons we are learning, but some days are easier than others.

    Be well, Swarn.

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