Written Word

I sat down to write away my pain
But it just came back to me again

So I sat down to write some more
But still the pain, I could not ignore

Then I proceeded to write a book
But page after page, the pain sunk in its hook

To write my pain I did not weary
I turned my book into a series

But that pain, I still did carry
So I even filled a library

Ink drained from my pen
Words faded from my ken

I prayed
This would be The End

12 thoughts on “Written Word

      1. This is one of those sentiments that we can all admit is universal, but there is a comfort and camaraderie in feeling so, while reading it in verse. It isn’t that misery loves company….but rather sometimes it is better not to feel alone. Thank you.

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  1. That resonates with me Swarn, too much and too frequently I’m afraid. 😞 As it does for many, MANY Americans this year… as well as others around the world I’m sure.

    You know, I prefer to be an optimist, but a REALISTIC optimist. I do not cower or shy away from disappointment, failure, or pain. You cannot fully appreciate deeply one without the other, can you? In these “unprecedent times” of 2020 it has been very hard to find reasons to be overjoyed with pure optimism. Worse still… there seems to be no reason to think that 2021 will be much different. Today domestic events become global events and vice versa. Perhaps embracing this fact is at least the first step toward effective solutions, huh? :/

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    1. Nice to see you Professor! I agree with you. It’s very hard to be optimistic right now. It seems impossible to change this feeling, regardless of how we try to cope. It’s just coping, not a lot of hoping except for maybe further in the future which is full of fog.

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  2. Many ways to read that ending. Which is good. People can choose the ending they want/like.

    At first I thought perhaps a death wish? Then I thought the end of the orange idiot. Then I thought, hmm, it also ends a story properly.

    Good writing tends to make even a dullard as I, think. Don’t worry folks it won’t last long!

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  3. I am starting to believe the GOP is making money from that pain, which is why it will not go away.

    Were we to have been created by an “all-good” god, you’d think our pain system with have an on-off switch, or at least a dial to turn it down when necessary.

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