in my shoes

You claim my shoes

It wasn’t so long ago
excitement and shock
the look on your face
when you learned to talk

You will stumble
fall in those boats
while your ambition
carelessly floats

Before you go far
You must know laces
Crisses and crosses
Loops and the chases

You’re going to wander
so learn about soles
they gotta be comfy
always do a test stroll

then you need to know
when to walk when to run
when to take them out dancing
shoes are meant to be fun

You claim my shoes
and all I have
will be yours
in time
I dream
I rue
the day
you fill
my shoes

6 thoughts on “in my shoes

  1. Swarn, this is such a beautiful poem. Yes, you have big shoes for them to fill – as you say bigger than your parents. I am a very proud mother. But even though a child will someday wear our shoes, it is never a 100% fit. Just like when we buy a pair of shoes, our unique foot shape and body size determine how we mold the shoe. Yes, someday they will wear your shoes but oh, the joy of them being uniquely different, some parts like us and yet different. As much as I loved seeing and being with you when you were a child, I also enjoy and cherish you who outgrew his mother’s shoes and now wears a size all of his own.


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