Life in Equations

time doesn’t care for me
gravity weighs on me
preys on me

loss of lubrication
wearing away of tissue
friction becomes an issue
the grinding in my groan
hysteresis in my bend
and bone

vessels weaken
how long can my heart win
against endless pumping
glitches in the pattern’s

neural pathways fray
in withered grey
more and more circuits
misfire each day
approaching cognitive disarray

I am life
subject to physical law
and though I head
towards death’s maw
with weakened knees
I stand in awe
even with all our frailty
and flaws

17 thoughts on “Life in Equations

        1. LOL….that seems likely. I wasn’t sure how many people would be familiar with the meaning of hysteresis in this context, but I like to throw my nerd words in there as you probably know.


  1. When my son writes a poem like this, it lets me know that I am well ahead of him in advancing to “death’s maw.” And yet, life is to be lived, every moment savored, both pleasures and pain. We live to die isn’t a morbid thought. It simply means life is full, meaningful and I am alive, even if my knees creak and I weary at times.

    Thank you for writing this Swarn. You are so talented.

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    1. Thank you mom. And I agree it isn’t morbid. It’s just life. The natural wearing down of parts. Modern medicine has helped some of those be replaceable, but in the end there are just too many parts wearing down constantly, just through our living of life. There’s nothing for it, it just is.

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    1. Haha…I did think about the similarity of the words, but didn’t think groins could grind. And if yours is grinding you should definitely see a doctor. lol

      Maybe more like:

      the tearing of my groin
      the tender in my loin


      Things are going well here. Getting my first jab of the pfizer vaccine tomorrow so I hoping life will return to some level of normalcy by the summer! Hope you are well also Hariod!

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