Mother Did You Know

*I dedicate this poem to women in general, but also to my mom, who is an amazing woman and still inspires me to be more to this day.

mother did you know
it’s all your fault
you caused the fall
of man
but them’s the breaks
when you talk to snakes

mother did you know
you’re not quite human
humans should be a male
all those lady parts
aren’t on the chart

mother did you know
that your emotions
make you weak
and at 40 you’re
past your peak
your wisdom
your courage
cause so much fear
that instead of
being vulnerable
they sneer
and jeer

mother did you know
you’re a body – that’s it
one that must submit
and if a man bruises it
beats it broken
it means you really
shouldn’t have spoken

mother did you know
you’re not supposed to enjoy sex
but ironically you always want it
even if you don’t flaunt it
somehow you’re always asking
what you wear is just masking
and if you decide to show it
boy then, they really know it
you don’t even need to give consent
men know what you meant
he would have been such a gent
if you weren’t giving off a scent

mother did you know
you can’t want a career
you have a role
so just put aside your goals
but if you insist on having it all
you’ll have to do it all
I know it’s not fair
it seems insane
but that’s what you get
for not staying in your lane

mother did you know
no other group has survived
so long an oppression
they legislate your bodies
out of your possession
voice suppression
you’ve had witch trials
laws permitting rape
violent threats
should you try to escape
men mutilate you
murder you
send you to slaughter
men say “I love you mom”
then violate somebody else’s daughter

and mother did you know
that every single day
I stand in awe
at how you all persevere
and still manage to
hold your boys near

mother did you know
it’s okay you didn’t tell
me these things
you just loved with
unerring equality
and kindness
patience and
color blindness
taught me spirituality
can break us free
from our prison
and that we can always
do better
if we learn to listen

and mother did you know
as a man I’ve had to
unlearn many things
at times
admitting a hard truth
but then there’s you
whose womb
you made room in
because of you
I know
what it means
to be human

If you’d like to hear me read this poem, click here.

*header image is Claire De Lune” by Audrey Kawasaki

23 thoughts on “Mother Did You Know

  1. I think it’s time for a mother to cry. What a beautiful, beautiful poem – a tribute to all women everywhere who stand up in the face of all odds.

    I think you have captured the lies women are to believe, things I fight against everyday in this society that shrouds the worth, dignity and equality the Creator intended for women, when He knitted us together in our mother’s wombs.

    I for one will continue to fight the lies I don’t know and others beleive so firmly. Even if I can encourage one woman that she is worthy, my fight will not be in vain.

    I am glad I raised a feminist son. Am I allowed to say that?

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    1. Thank you mom. I am so glad you liked this poem. And yes, you are just fine calling me a feminist. Since I do stand for equality amongst genders the label fits. But hopefully we move forward in our word with less labels and more action. Modeling the change we want to see in the world. Happy Mother’s day mom!

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  2. Excellent.

    There are things, that some days make me wish I was not a man. There are things, that some days, make me wish I wasn’t human. This poem is much the former πŸ™‚

    We are so far from ideal, that it should be the definition of human. We must always strive to be better.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Thank you so much SD. I agree with you. Of course you get it. It’s so funny how the good men, never need to say “Hey…not all men.”. The good men know the reality, and simply, as you say, strive to always be better.

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