Two Lines

Two lines at a time,
That’s all I want to write.

The brilliance fades quickly,
Because I’ll be on to something else,
And those two lines,
They won’t make any sense.
But maybe they will again tomorrow,
I’ll remember what I wanted say,
And by the end of the week,
The month,
The year,
I’ll have written some poetry,
Something that will blow a soul away,
And you’d never tell,
That I didn’t just sit down and write it,
All in one gasping breath of inspiration,
The exaltation that moves me so much,
That I can only write two lines,
Without getting lost in the music,
Without getting thirsty,
Without needing sleep.

When Atlas has to set the world down,
There shall be a revelation in two lines.

14 thoughts on “Two Lines

      1. I hear ya! And I do ‘get’ those lines as well, the idea of the thing, but then the rest flows and I have to pare it down, decide what to use. I guess it’s just the difference between us, or maybe it’s the right brain vs. left thing. I’ve always tested out with some outrageous percentage of rt-brained-ness. It’s all I can do to cultivate logical thinking sometimes 😉 Enjoy the day, Swarn! Aloha.

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        1. Well this poem was written in about 30 minutes… Sometimes it does flow… This poem however has multiple sources of inspiration than just struggles or reflections on the writing process. 🙂 But there are moments when there is a great forming of words in my mind but with no idea of where to go next.

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