The Practical Poem

you see me as logical
practical analytical
well all of it is true

I didn’t see you at first
the illusion was optical
a vision so mystical
it was damn near mythical

you may find it nonsensical
but I love that your whimsical
you’re atypical, a spectacle
it might seem rather radical
but I’d like to get physical
so learn some physics from me

as a man of science
don’t think it ironical
that I’d take you on Sabbatical
that I’d start waxing canonical
or start humming a canticle
not to be didactical
but you might be the pinnacle
of creation, I’m not cynical
or skeptical that you’re so
completely divine

I find you just delectable
I’m not sure if it’s ethical
to offer a hypothetical
of what it might be like with me

you see my hands are quite magical
a kiss would be fantastical
I could make you feel electrical
my tongue can move vertical
sideways or concentrical
blood rushing through your ventricle
attention nearly medical

I like to get technical
and a little bit graphical
use oils that are topical
and explore you topographical
the hills and the valleys
and all that’s geographical

you see me as logical
practical analytical
well all of it is true
that’s why the only
right conclusion
is for me to be with you

14 thoughts on “The Practical Poem

            1. I miss you Ruth. And I was just giving you all a hard time. 😃 Thank you for your kind words. I’ve been doing a lot of writing of poetry on Twitter lately and joined a very friendly, talented, and inspiring writing community which has brought much joy.

              Other than that life is pretty stressful. Public higher education is in trouble. The county is in trouble. There is the pandemic. But so far I’m still sane. Everybody is healthy and my children are wonderful. 🙂

              How are you dear friend?


            2. I see the photos of your children from time to time on intsta. They are precious!

              Other than those things you mentioned, you know the country having gone to hell in a handbag, it’s going pretty well.

              Yes, the lockdown has put pressure on everything. I keep hearing folks here rave about how great the economy was before the pandemic and how the shutdown was unnecessary, and how virtually no one is dying from Covid-19 except those with underlying conditions(which is what’s really killing people – not Covid) and old people. They don’t want to wear masks, or socially distance but they don’t want to shut down, either. I have an underlying condition that isn’t terminal and likely won’t kill me anytime soon, but Covid could definitely hasten that. But, y’know Covid won’t be the reason I die if I do get it. Jesus.

              I keep pointing out how precarious the economy already was, but that’s just nonsense.

              Anyway, I’m pretty well. Just plugging along like my usual self.

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    1. Haha…thank you shelldigger. On Twitter there are challenges where you have to use a word and our picture to write a poem. Usually within the space of a 280 character tweet. To be sure it’s a challenge. I decided to just go longer than a Tweet and have a little fun. The feature picture was the picture for this challenge along with the word whimsical and my take was to write a somewhat sexy but whimsical poem. The word whimsical itself gave me the idea for the rhyme scheme. I’m glad you liked it!


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