Zoom in to the deepening chasm of time
there you will see your life
a groove no wider than a dime
your joys, your conquests, your strife

Time breathes in a continuum
it does not stop or start
from sundials to the pendulum
We’ve tried to break it apart

It is monetized

You’ll have more time for leisure
it all looks good on paper
ten billionths of a second measured
your work will surely taper

Technology makes time more free
I’ve no doubt that this is true
time is money its plain to see
capitalism has its eye on you

Resplendent spent time
is misspent
if money’s not spent

Your free time sparks a competition
corporations want your attention
to change your focus to acquisition
Work harder for the newest invention

Each particle of time shatters
into confetti for our counting
Mercurial seconds start to scatter
Relaxation becomes accounting

Must tick can’t talk
I’ve become the clock

But time is best
when you aren’t looking
pour some wine
talk to a friend
read a book
run your fingers across a leaf
sit in silent introspection
and you will notice
what you didn’t notice

time slips
time flows
seconds melt away
like a snowflake on your nose
it runs
it flies
sunset to sunrise
its motion across the skies

Time is the gentle
change in season
to ponder and reason
swinging slowly on hammocks
and enjoy a cool breeze in

Your groove is all you get
don’t give it all away
to those who want to take your time
and put a dollar to your day

Spend time watching things
that might watch you in return
love turns time to violin notes
making the most of time you’ve earned

5 thoughts on “Deconstruction

    1. Thank you so much Bela! 🙂 I’ve been writing a lot of poetry lately, but mostly on Twitter as there is a warm and enjoyable writing community there. It’s really helped spark my creativity. Ultimately I lean towards not being limited by length when I write poetry, but it’s actually been somewhat helpful in terms of really carefully curating lines and some of the word challenges have been helping improve my vocabulary. I haven’t felt this creative in years though, so I’m just riding the wave. I’ll probably be posting more poetry here though. I might post some of my twitter poems too that I really like. I hope you and yours are healthy and happy!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Wishing the same for you and yours! It does no harm in sharing whatever you share here. I’ve shared my best and probably my worst.

        I’m so glad you are writing poetry! A really nice balance to the science brain! Keep up the good work. You definitely have your own voice with poetry. I like it!

        Liked by 1 person

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