Cold titanium, metallic touch,
Protect from feeling far too much
Your crutch

Awaken darling, feel this flesh,
My hand conforms to yours,
Our eyes connect by unseen tether
Love dances across the medium.

Laser looks in calculated gaze,
Information fills emotionless days,
Safety pays

I have joys to show you, give you,
That surge you feel is chemical,
The heart throbs, blood pulses,
Cellular exchange renews you.

Corrupted memory banks are sealed,
Places your Designer never healed,
Must shield

Put your faith in something greater,
An idea to bring peace of mind,
I might have an idea…or two,
Let my lips help you think of something new.

Thoughts in circuits gridded tightly,
Produce their bedtime logic nightly,
So unsightly.

Pick wildflowers in the green fields,
And let them adorn your silken strands,
There’s a place you’ve never been,
Only you can go out, only you can let it in.

Powering down as eyelids close,
After habitually ingested prose,
Current slows

I’ll stand with you at the precipice,
Take that leap into the misty abyss
You won’t fall as hard as you think,
I’m already waiting on the other side.

Soft Things

Seeking comfort when we begin,
By lying next to mother’s skin,
In flannel jammies snug for night,
Soft woolen blanket wrapped so tight
Daddy hands out plush new toy,
Is squeezed for infant’s peaceful joy.

Jumping, rolling in piles of pillows,
Fingers touching pussy willows,
Fighting winter’s cold with fleecy hat,
Pressing face in the fur of fuzzy cat,
Hugs through quilts tucked in to bed,
Big hungry bites of warm fresh bread.

Falling on powdered snowy ground,
Laughing in parkas filled with down,
Hands on lightly coated arms so fair,
Cheeks brushed by gently flowing hair,
The tingle from kisses on inviting lips,
A cozy spoon while caressing hips.

It seems as I grow, I also harden,
From worldly hurts, I entreat your pardon,
My creature comforts are not fragility,
Just sensory inputs that bring tranquility,
I look up at the puffy clouds aloft,
And hope not to lose a love for soft.

In Parallel

There’s a type of love I found,
It’s the love that shouldn’t have been,
But was

And there springs an alternate timeline
Another universe side by side with your own

And so like the ghost that only you see
Hidden to others, nobody believes you

A companion always in your periphery
Nothing wrong with dependable

Reality split, worlds in restless conflict
To go back to one, loss is too great

And so I resign myself to gratitude
For love that shouldn’t have been


There you are, thin and striking,
A bright streak,
Momentary and wonderful
Static electricity felt everywhere
Each cell of my body
Reminding me that I’m charged,
Guilty as charged,
For opening up the Earth below,
The trees, the towers,
The peaceful church steeples
Me standing tall in a field
So much potential
But only being allowed to touch
And never stay.

How is it possible that what you are,
Is the very thing you are afraid of?
You said you were apt to bolt,
Boy you weren’t lyin’,
But what I didn’t know
You were running away from you,
More than you ran from me,
I was wired and you were tired,
Unable to prevent the angry winds,
From blowing you away.

Do those winds encircle you,
It’s a hostage situation,
Can you get away long enough,
To cure your Stockholm Syndrome?
Does pain laugh at your laughing,
Do your wounds respond to healing
Do the burdens keep you kneeling,
You keep striking at the air,
While your courage falls to the ground,
Crushing fragile flowers eager for rain.

No clothes,
No close,
But so close.

I almost brought you down
Almost is never enough,
But we both deserved better,
A distant roll of thunder,
A gaze in the distance of a dying storm,
A moment to feel heat,
An instant to breathe in the vapor,
A rain soaked embrace
Lingered a little longer,
Would it have killed you to give us that?

What is one to do with love,
That makes you feel like King and Queen,
When you are without a country,
Sitting on cardboard thrones?
And as the tears fall from the sky,
We watch them dissolve into nothing.

I chose to face wrathful clouds,
And I saw such beauty in the maelstrom,
And though you struck me hard,
You hardened me like glass,
And in those semi-opaque reflections,
We hold, we sip, we float,
We laugh in the shade of life,
Cool scents of vapor and green
And in the distance under blue skies,
Destruction seeks its instrument,
And though darkness beckons you home,
We tremble and feel no fear.


Like all great things, the beginning is small.
Just before dawn, the yesterday’s heat has bled,
Out through the thin blanket that covers us all.
Creatures get out of their bed, eager to be fed,

Or be fed on.

On tippy toes, the sun peaks with sleepy eye
The rays like the arm of a small child,
Reaching on a table just a little too high,
And the peace of night starts to tip to wild.

The day is awake.

Each molecule of air hit by photon streams,
And like a distant melody whose volume grows,
The air begin to dance, looks up and dreams,
Uncaring to the last of darkness’ woes.

The sun is here.

Increasing angle and with warming ground,
Air ascends ever higher in the waning morn,
Pressure drops, air expands, saturation found,
To protect us from burning orb, the Cloud is born.

Partly poetry with a chance of showers

I dedicate this poem to a new follower of my blog, who is really a wonderful writer.  I always appreciate writers who can just make words dance.  We all need some reading that just makes you smile.  Her site is here.  You probably want to visit her site instead of reading this nerdy poem. 🙂

wavecloudsA boring scientist enters,
One who knows clouds,
Beyond wisps and shapes,
Beyond layers and levels,
Past the undulating waves
That repeat but don’t repeat
Like a tessellation
That could only come from the hand of Escher himself

And should we be content enough to look up
Or look down,
If that beauty is enough
To tickle our imagination
Inspire our thoughts
Keep us floating above it all?
But a cloud is not just a cloud,
Let me take you in to see what you haven’t seen

Now we are at the top,
I know that’s very boring, but you know
Gravity and all
I didn’t make up the rules
If you’re cold that’s good…that’s normal
What you see might also make you shiver,
But I promise to deliver,
We’ll start with ice, isn’t it nice,
I threw in a bit of rhyme to keep you interested
We’ll throw in another rime later
Microscopic particles of dust want to be ice
They mimic it and vapor is only too happy to appreciate the effort
And water droplets formed from the warmth below
Have no choice but to form tiny crystals
Some are columns long and elegant
Some are dendritic prisms
Whose branches grow
Making ever so intricate patterns
In no hurry to make their descent
They insist on skittering and fluttering their way down
Photons refract their way through this hexagonal maze,
And sometimes they even say “halo”….er…”hello”
But I don’t just want to stay here
Or things will get too cirrus…er…serious

Before I have to be a gentleman and give you my coat,
Let’s move down
If your finding it hard to move down,
That’s the wind in your face
Clouds would like you to believe gravity isn’t the boss
Here in the middle we have at all
Right here you’re being pushed up,
Not too far away you can be pushed down
But let’s get to the heart of the matter
Here there are solids, liquids, and gas
And you’re looking a little frosty
That would be the rime I was telling you about earlier
It’s so beautiful it makes your heart melt,
But you won’t until we get further down
This is where it really gets amazing
There are trillions of droplets in this cloud
They are thawing and freezing, growing and shrinking
Now let’s watch the chase, squint your eyes
Bigger drops and crystals catch smaller ones

                       Droplet Collision

Coalescing, accreting, sticking
Millions of collisions each second
And the wind that blows up
Telling pellets and drops alike
“You aren’t done, you’ve got more to do,
I’ll not let gravity take you yet”
Hail embryos get aggressive,
Water droplets show patience
Can you feel the electric potential grow?
Let’s charge downwards and get out of the snow.

It feels a bit more tropical here,
Near the bottom of the troposphere,
Raindrops are big and ready to fall,
Eager to get away from it all,
Bloated drops fall and scatter to pieces,
As the speed of the updraft slowly increases
From one big drop you get ten,
Just to make its way down the cloud again,
Old drops leave, new drops form,
A wondrous, evolving, dynamic storm,
Look at those two, their picnic set,
They’re both about to get terribly wet
I’m sure the weatherman told them their chances,
But you know how very nice romance is,
I hope this poem precipitates inspiration,
Beyond the nuts and bolts of rain formation,
Now when on the cloud don’t forget to stop,
And think about all those crystals and drops,
There’s a world above and a world below,
But often in the cloud there’s a better show.

The Slender Moon

As the night kissed the dawn,

You revealed to me only a thin,

Beaming sliver of shining light,

But from me you could not hide,

You were whole in my reflection,

As I faced you with bright smile,

I introduced you to the day,

But you paled at the rising sun,

I turned away and you were gone,

Wishing there was a way to go back.


But I still remember that light,

I still remember all of you,

I patiently wait for night,

And hope it all begins anew.



First you waited, then I waited
I might be waiting a long time,
I hate long waits
But there is something worse
That’s having expectations
Expecting is like having fun,
Without even doing anything,
But what else can you expect with love?
Just be happy in the moment?
It sounds good on paper,
I’m not going to lie to you,
In fact I tried it and it’s true,
Love is so much better,
When you’re focusing on the moment,
You can really…get to know love that way,
In fact it’s so good you want it to stay,
And to never ever go away,
Somewhere deep inside though,
We know. Nothing. Is. Permanent.
But sticky problems have solutions,
Every good heist needs an inside man,
“Our designs are top notch,
You won’t find them anywhere else,
They almost seem made for you”
Says my fortune teller inside me,
Maybe that’s what psychics are,
People who enjoy building dreams so much,
That they want to do it for others,
The drama queen in all of us,
The irony of it all is,
I don’t believe in psychics,
The moment is all that matters,
If you care about the future,
But the right way is so hard,
And the wrong path has better scenery,
There are so many things to look at,
You won’t notice falling off the cliff,
Well at least until you land.
That’s not a good moment,
But then again…what else did you expect?


Ode to the Beet

Let this poem sing the praise of the beet,


A finer vegetable you will not meet,

Not bland, not mushy, but delicate treat,

Displaying the best of savory and sweet.


The ways to make it are vast and wide,

Pickled, steamed, stewed and deep fried,

Its color is bright, a fun purplish-red,

So I don’t recommend eating beets in bed,

Though, I’m not Keats, nor Shelley or Byron,

I can tell you beets are a good source of iron,

To find lovers of beets just go to Ukraine,

Did you know that beets are good for the brain?

By increasing blood flow and rates of decay,

Things like dementia will long stay away,

And research shows, yes science, not rumor,

Stuff found in beets slows the growth of a tumor,

It’s got folates, fiber, phosphorous, magnesium,

Full of Vitamin C, B6, a great source of potassium,

And if the beetroot just isn’t your scene,

Then I ask you to turn your gaze to the greens,

If you thought they were trash, I’ve got a surprise,

Their delicious soup and great for your eyes,

If a good accompaniment is something you seek,

Try a fellow overlooked flavorful leek,

So get you some beets wherever they’re servin’,

At least so you can pee some reddish urine.


If it’s not too late

I see you fold and stretch, darting in and out of shadows,

An invitation, a visitation, never staying for too long,

What drives you? What scares you?


Such a swirl of talent, a whirl under fingers

I watch you spin, and I am hypnotized,

By just the essence of your grace and beauty,

Your strategies are practiced, stepping in time with music,

Looking back and forth, weary of space around you,

If I brought you to the light, would I lose you in the sun?

If I opened the cage, how far would you run?

If the levee came down, what would pour out?


Is it too late for rescue?


I wade into the water, and we laugh and splash

And then we dance in time with the ebb and flow

Floating as friends playing like children,

Then you’d close your eyes and drift softly to sleep